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I grew up in the Bay Area and have lived in Los Angeles and New York City and have observed dating trends, complaints, frustrations and experiences over the years. From discussions with friends, and discussions with strangers at bars and restaurants to working with clients over the years through photos, profile critiques and styling efforts, I have gained unique insight and crafted a distinct approach to working with men and women over the years (press coverage).

Clients typically come from large cities mostly from the U.S. (NYC, LA, SF, San Jose, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC) but also overseas (London, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm and beyond) from ages 25-65, but I have worked folks younger and older than that. Whether you are newly single, new to the city or have struggled to meet people organically out and about or through dating apps, I help individuals who are looking to meet more, quality folks – think of me as a digital version of Hitch without the slapping.

Dating App Coach, Online Dating Help For Men & Women; Dating Profile Consultant (Hinge, Bumble)

I blend data-driven methodologies while leaving plenty of room for exceptions to the rules, corner cases and things that cannot be quantified easily. I am a one-man shop – you will work with me directly. You won’t work with chatbots, junior coaches, interns nor outsourced contractors like with other services. I am not here to blow sunshine up your ass – I am here to improve your dating life even if that means fewer (but better) matches, self-work and changing your outlook, expectations and misconceptions.

If you have read my blog, I am pretty cut and dry, I am not a cheerleader nor a salesperson, nor rely on my charm or looks to sell myself. Friends and family can be biased and unwilling to be brutally honest with you. They have context that strangers don’t. I highlight blind spots, unearth biases, find ways to help you meet people organically and help you become more comfortable in your own skin.

-Dating Coach San Francisco, Online Dating Photographer Bay Area, San Jose